Day Off // Sophia&Chase

There was a rather annoying noise through the blackness that rung out above the overbearing silence. At first, Chase couldn’t work out what it was. It sounded distant, barely even there, it caused him to stir uncomfortably against a weight that was pressed against him. Then, the noise stopped, and he could relax again. 

But almost as soon as the darkness and the surprisingly rare comforting silence returned, so did the noise. This time, twice as loud, and twice as long. Chase furrowed his eyebrows and took in a deep, shuddering breath, before he forced his aching eyes to open. The light, although faint, was piercing and caused him to close them again. It stung his retinas and caused him to moan slightly in uncomfort. But, he was awake. That noise had gotten him up, he had to find out what it was. Or it would have bugged him and wound him up, perhaps more that Sophia could.

Oh yes, Sophia. Chase remembered the night before, where he had fallen asleep on the woman’s sofa, involuntarily of course. Fatigue was a horrible thing when it finally sunk it’s teeth and unbearably long claws into your flesh: and that was exactly what it had done to Chase. Now, it was morning, or so he thought. Perhaps a bit later. He hadn’t been awoken by his usual alarm clock. Instead, he woke to the sound of an annoyingly loud whining cry; almost a wail. He opened his eyes again with new found strength and attempted to shift, so that he could get a better look around. Firstly, the ceiling and the top of the walls came into view. Blurry and bright at first, and then they even out into a crisp, sharp image. Chase blinked once, twice, maybe three times before he actually took the next step and decided to lift his head.

The room was lit dully with the sunlight that shone through a blinded window. It was a healthy glow that seemed to spill forth, it doused everything in a luscious orangey glow and was actually warming up the skin on his neck. He turned, struggling slightly under a weight that he had no clue was there at first. Then, he looked down, and saw Sophia, sleeping peacefully against him. Immediately the Australian’s eyes widened at the sight of her. She looked magnificent, and that orangey glow from the window only accentuated that. Her flawless skin reflected the light beautifully, her hair fell beside her neck and shoulders perfectly sculpted probably by angels. The only thing that he didn’t like was that he couldn’t see those wonderfully grey eyes. Oh, those eyes. They were enough to make trucks stop in their tracks. What he’d give to see those sublime, unmarred eyes again. 

For a while he just took time to watch her, to breathe, to take in that last night did in fact happen. That she was asleep, against him. It reminded him of Cameron, however this was one thousand times sweeter. He gently tried to pry his arm from where she was laying on him, and managed to do that after a minute or two of extremely cautious tugging and pulling. At last he was free to stand, stretch, sort himself out and possibly, clean up that blood that she had mentioned the night before. Chase frowned slightly at the memory of it and how she said she wouldn’t be able to sleep in that room any more. He’d have to fix that. It was the least he could do. Chase stood up shakily and extended both arms upwards, closing his eyes as he did so. He felt each disk click and crack in his spine and his shoulders did exactly the same. He also stifled a wide yawn that would have otherwise probably have woken Sophia up. 

Once stretches and what not were over-with  Chase carefully made his way to the large mirror hanging in the living room. He had to side step the coffee table, certain furnishings here and there to finally reach it. He rubbed both eyes lazily before he peered into the glass; only to be taken back by what he saw.

'Told you I'd do it.

Love, Sophia.’

There, written on his forehead in a blackish coloured pen. Initially Chase’s first reaction was to blink a few times to see if he was imagining this. Indeed he did that, but the words and the drawings were still there. He didn’t think she’d actually go through with it! Then, came anger. “The fuck,” he cooed quietly to himself, lifting a hand to try and rub the pen off. But no, it stayed there. It was just as stubborn as Sophia. “Great!” He huffed, shaking his head in great irascibility. He wasn’t happy at all. 

He read the words over and over again, and then saw the picture of lips she’d drawn on his cheek. He actually had to admire that, he lifted his eyebrows in interest at it. As soon as he did that, though, the anger left only to be replaced by a playful need for revenge. Oh, bad Sophia. She’d just given him a free pass to do whatever he pleased to get her back. A smirk came across the blonde’s lips as he turned away from the mirror in hopes to get to the bathroom before she saw the state he was in.

Immediately, he stood still, frozen, paralyzed in fear at the sight before him. There sat the biggest, blackest, most mendacious cat he’d ever seen. Chase was frozen stuck by it’s huge yellow eyes. He felt them boring into his soul, staring him down. He could imagine it talking in a grand voice; "What do you think you’re doing here? Don’t look at me like that. Fetch me food, petty human."

"Sophia," Chase whispered, flickering his gaze from the cat to the woman still asleep on the sofa. No response.



Chase tutted to himself and leaned down to grab a magazine from the coffee table. He didn’t have time to study it because he threw it at Sophia in an attempt to wake her up. Meanwhile, the cat continued staring, watching, observing the male with looming yellow eyes. Then, it meowed loudly. It was that same sound from earlier. Whiny, a kind of wail that could have been mistaken for a human cry. Chase looked to Sophia for help now that he’d thrown the magazine at her, in hopes that she’d stop the cat from killing him where he stood.

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